Airline Marketing New Zealand (AMNZ) is the airline representation subsidiary of the Consolidated Travel Group of Companies, the largest privately owned distributor of airline products in Australia, in business for over forty years with an annual turnover in excess of AUD $ 800 million and employing over 200 staff.

AMNZ is able to provide a range of support facilities specifically tailored to individual airline needs in the New Zealand market, including:

  • Central office in New Zealand;
  • Experienced reservations & ticketing staff;
  • Dedicated sales teams;
  • Marketing and promotional activities;
  • Management expertise.

AMNZ policy is not to represent any airline in the same or a competing market in order to ensure an unbiased and single focus.

AMNZ, in association with the Consolidated Travel Group of companies, is able to construct competitive pricing products and to subsequently prioritise and promote these products across established distribution channels.

AMNZ is backed by a team of dedicated professionals with many decades of proven airline experience and from the perspective of a range of multi-national carriers.

With our uniquely tailored services to meet each carrier’s needs, Airline Marketing New Zealand welcomes the opportunity to become your partner in the vibrant, diverse and challenging New Zealand market.