Air Madagascar
Air Madagascar

Air Madagascar was established on January 1st, 1962. A restructuring process, which started in 2002, has transformed Air Madagascar into an airline of the 21st century: client-oriented, modern, reliable and profitable. To demonstrate this change, a new brand was introduced in 2004 to show the determination to be much closer to customers in their day-to-day activities. “Our wings are at your service”.


Thanks to its large network with more than 20 destinations, Air Madagascar offers you perfect connections to the main big cities in Madagascar, such as Nosy Be or Toliara. You can fly either directly or via their hub in Antananarivo from Paris, Bangkok and Guangzhou and many cities in the Indian Ocean and Africa.

Visit Madagascar

We invite you to visit Madagascar. Our country is full of intrigue and fascination. Madagascar, or the Red Island, is a land of contrasts and harmony with elegant coastlines, seductive landscapes, unique and fascinating flora and fauna and generous people. No other airline lets you discover Madagascar and its people better than Air Madagascar.Ai


Air Madagascar has a total of 11 aircraft at its disposal, making it possible to meet the requiremen ...


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