Bangkok Airways
Bangkok Airways

Bangkok Airways began operations in 1968 providing charter services, however in order to fulfil the increasing demand for air transportation, Bangkok Airways officially began scheduled operations in 1986 as the country’s first privately-owned domestic airline.

Bangkok Airways today services over 20 destinations - covering nearly all major resort destinations in Thailand, additionally with international services to Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the Maldives, India and Bangladesh.

Bangkok Airways Airports

In order to assist in accommodating Thailand’s ever-growing economy and increasing air traffic volume, Bangkok Airways has opted to build its own airports.

Samui Airport

Bangkok Airways built its first airport at Koh Samui, a major resort island in the Gulf of Thailand. Samui Airport commenced operations on April 25, 1989. Architecture of the open-air passenger terminals naturally blend in with the island’s surrounding flora and fauna.

In September 1997, Samui Airport was upgraded into an international airport with the addition of customs & immigration facilities. To cope with huge popularity for tourism to Samui, early in 2008 will see the official opening of our new terminal facilities. These new facilities will include a boutique shopping mall, and a 46 room boutique airport hotel.

Sukhothai Airport

Bangkok Airways second airport at Sukhothai, located in the Sawankhalok district, opened to serve its first flight on April 12th, 1996.

Sukhothai Airport’s open-air passenger terminals are uniquely constructed to resemble the classic Siamese pagodas found in Sukhothai’s rich history as Thailand’s ancient capital.

Trat Airport

Trat Airport opened in March 2003, the third and latest airport built by Bangkok Airways, Trat, on the easternmost coastal province of Thailand. Trat Airport’s first flight route was to-and-from Bangkok, reducing the conventional road trip time from 4-5 hours to a mere 45 minutes.

Trat Airport’s also acts a hub to the popular resort island of Koh Chang and its neighbouring islands.

Bangkok Airways Recent Awards

• 2014 : Skytrax World Airline Award for "World's Best Regional Airline"
• 2004 - 2009 and 2011 and 2014 : Skytrax World Airline Award for "Best Regional Airline - Asia"


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